SIA is the only academic institution in the three northern regions of Ghana (Upper West, Upper East and Northern Regions) that offers an international curriculum (IGCSE & A Level).

Prescribed Routes

The prescribed route is for students to enter from age eleven (Primary 6) and undergo a five year career path achieving their IGCSE at age 15/16. Students are then expected to continue for an additional two years to attain their A’levels.

SIA is due to start admitting students for Form 1 & 2 ( Age 11-13)  for the 2018/19 academic year. 

At SIA, we believe every child deserves an equal opportunity to be groomed and prepared to obtain national and international excellence. Therefore, we are able to offer entry for students who wish to switch from the national curriculum system to participate in the international programme as follows:

  • Students who have completed JHS1 will be considered for entry into Form 2
  • Students who have completed JHS2 will be considered for entry into Form 3
  • Students who have completed JHS3 will be considered for entry into Form 4

Please note that the requirement for admission into SIA is subject to candidates writing and passing the School’s Entrance Examination. 

Qualification No. of Years Entry Age Class
Pre-IGCSE 3 years 11+ Form 1 - Form 3
IGCSE 2 years 14+ Form 4 - Form 5
A Levels 2 years 16+ Lowers 6 and Upper 6

Curriculum Enrichment Programme

Running parallel to the academic syllabus is our tailor made yet internationally certified Curriculum Enrichment Program. Our CEP uses creative methodology to focus on critical thinking and global perspectives. Each student is presented with the unique opportunity to undertake community service, practice hands-on leadership and participate in entrepreneurial and innovative projects.

In addition, the CEP aims to promote social responsibility and value for one another, physical education opportunities and provide for art and crafts education. 
These additional skills will prepare our students to face the increasing, inescapable global challenges and will ensure they are adequately equipped to become the agents of change needed in society today. We have highly qualified staff from Ghana and around the world who prepare our students to compete at an international level.

Holistic Approach

In addition, SIA aims at enabling students who pass through to be able to enter into the world of work, training and studies with a background that equips them with capabilities to withstand any challenge anywhere. This will be achieved through the CEP, which will help the students chart their course in life without forgetting their background, circumstances and the environment from which they came.

Individual Learning Plans will be an essential part of the SIA experience, giving the student the opportunity and space to participate in the shaping, review and evaluation of their own learning.

SIA’s approach to the development of each student is holistic. The diversity of socio economic backgrounds fits perfectly with our overarching objective; to develop to the fullest, the potential of each student within a multicultural, multi- faith international environment. The academy will promote a spirit of friendship, respect and cooperation among its students and staff to achieve all rounded, level headed students capable of taking leadership roles in civil society. The school will provide a world-class education and match the best international schools in Ghana and abroad.