Under the Baobab Tree


What is Under the Baobab Tree (UBT)?

Under the Baobab Tree (UBT) is SIA’s Youth Social Entrepreneur Programme. Not limited to SIA students, UBT nurtures, supports and partners socially conscious 15 – 19 year olds across Ghana, who aspire to be problem solvers and agents of transformational change and progress. UBT equips teenagers to develop and implement their solutions to challenges in their communities using a social entrepreneurship approach. This initiative was borne out of the desire to empower teenagers who are naturally energetic, innovative and creative with the desire to contribute to the development agenda at the grass roots level. The challenges these young people address within their communities include but are not limited to: Sanitation, Literacy, Social protection & Gender and Green Issues. The Initiative provides a residential programme opportunity, a mentorship scheme, project development initiatives and other activities that build the capacity of these young change makers and enable them to realise their change making dreams.

Why is the baobab tree so special?

The prehistoric Baobab Tree also known as the tree of life, symbolises strength, power, resilience, grace and presence in a landscape where little else can survive during the dry season. This icon of the African Savannah can provide shelter, water and food for humans and animals alike. Furthermore, the nutrients it produces are at the heart of many traditional remedies. Many Savannah communities have made their homes near Baobab trees, with all that it has to offer, it also provides the perfect shade to converge, discuss and resolve issues. Under the Baobab tree is a bottom – up philosophy that we hope will become a change making youth movement. The Baobab tree is perfectly rooted in history and tradition and SIA plans to take this analogy and propel it into the 21st century to change the African narrative for the better.

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UBT Mentorship Programme

The UBT Mentoring Programme is the provision of personal support, assistance, encouragement and inspiration to UBT Mentees who have resubmitted their proposals during the 2nd stage of the Fellowship Programme.

The UBT Mentoring Programme is for 12 months and contact is made face-to-face and as often as possible but at the convenience of both parties. Online contact and phone calls are also strongly encouraged.


Becoming a UBT Mentor is purely voluntary. It is a great opportunity to experience the satisfaction from ‘making a difference’ in a young person’s life, while being able to reflect on your own life, goals, aspirations and ways of working with others. Mentoring other people provides the opportunity to build new skills through training, meeting new young people and adds variety to your professional work life and general experiences.

As you mentor a UBT Fellow to become a change agent, you are also impacting positively on the community within which these young people work. Through your guidance and support, you will be able to influence the building of positive collaborative relationships between your mentees and their communities.


Mentoring a UBT Fellow involves you giving a little bit of your time to help shape the future of a young person. You will only be expected to complete a Mentoring Agreement Form to start with, submit Individual Development Plan progress reports and Mentoring Report forms at 4 different stages throughout the 12-month relationship.


At the beginning of the mentoring relationship, both mentor and mentee will complete a Mentoring Agreement form, which outlines the guidelines governing the relationship.


You will be expected to support UBT mentees to set their own goals with reference to the issues they wish to resolve within the community. We believe this is a vital part of the relationship as it provides a benchmark for measuring progress during the mentoring period. We will provide you with an Individual Development Plan to allow you and your mentee to set goals and measure progress.