The SIA Trust



Young people shape economic, democratic and societal change. We need to invest in their future and allow them to determine themselves the best solutions to the challenges ahead…Our children are the most vulnerable citizens in our societies. They are the present and the future of our world. We will stand up to our commitment and leave no child behind.

– Joint Statement on the occasion of Universal Children’s Day (2017)

The SIA Trust is a scholarship scheme set up to educate and equip young people with quality and relevant education which develops them into global citizens who are mindful of their responsibility to self and society. The SIA Trust provides children from economically disadvantaged backgrounds in Ghana, who have demonstrated potential, with an equal opportunity to quality and relevant education.

Beneficiaries of the SIA Trust are smart and hardworking young people who are capable of contributing immensely to their communities with the right nurturing, to make them agents of positive and transformational change both for their communities and the country as a whole.