Frequently Asked Questions

Eligibility Requirements

How do I maintain my eligibility?

SIA Trust scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance, a demonstrated ability to be an agent of positive change, recommendation and financial need. Renewal of the scholarship is dependent on promotion to the next class and the beneficiary’s ability to maintain passing grades for the two preceding terms, or the annual examination, which determines his/her promotion to the next class.

Can I apply if I have already completed SHS under the WASSCE?

Only students who have completed Primary 6, JHS 1, JHS 2 or JHS 3 are eligible to apply.

Financial Requirements

How much income can my family earn to be eligible for the SIA Trust Scholarship?

There is no fixed family income, however an applicant should be able to demonstrate his financial need in his/her application (amount family can contribute, sponsor information). There are limited funds available each year and a wide pool of applicants, and so the SIA Trust Scholarship should only be applied for if truly needed in order to finance a student’s education.

If I am already receiving financial support from another source for tuition, am I still eligible to receive a scholarship?

Due to the limited funding available, the SIA Trust Scholarship can only be awarded to applicants without any financial support, and with a demonstrated financial need.

Award Amounts

How long can I receive the SIA Trust scholarship?

The SIA Trust scholarship is renewable each year, thus a beneficiary can benefit from it throughout his/her secondary school education, provided he/she continues to meet the eligibility requirements.

How much can I receive from the SIA Trust in scholarship?

Scholarship awards may vary depending on information provided by the applicant in his/her application.

What expenses does the SIA Trust Scholarship cover?

The SIA Trust scholarship covers tuition, lunch and transportation, stationery and uniforms. This may vary depending on an applicant’s need.

Recipient Obligations

Are there any requirements that I must meet after completing my high school education?

The SIA Trust scholarship is awarded to students with a demonstrated ability to be an agent of positive change. Thus, a beneficiary is required to update the Board of Trustees on his/her pathway to driving positive change in his/her community. Beneficiaries are also required to be a part of the network of ambassadors for the scholarship programme.

If I no longer meet the requirements, can I regain my eligibility?

Scholarships of applicants who no longer meet the eligibility requirements (financial/academic) will not be renewed.

Am I eligible for the SIA Trust scholarship if I am currently residing outside of Tamale?

All Ghanaian students, currently studying and residing in Ghana, particularly the three northern regions are eligible to apply.